Privacy policy

Bespoke Crew Yacht Recruitment Agency will use exclusively your personal information to manage your account and to provide the service you have requested of us. Although when suitable jobs become available outside the EEA (European Economic Area) we will provide your data for consideration.

Bespoke Crew take your privacy seriously, and therefore are committed to the protection of your personal data in line with the current (GDPR) EU General Data Protection Regulation and Data Protection Act 1998.

Data Administration

When a Candidate or Client provides Bespoke Crew with their personal information in order to register or enquire, we then become the Data Controller of that information.

Bespoke Crew Contact details:

The Old Bakery, Tiptoe Road, New Milton, Hampshire BH25 5SJ



+44 7742061090

Approved ways in which we process data

We at Bespoke Crew believe that when candidates freely submit private data for registration and the posting of CV’s to identify employment, these submissions, form legitimate interests for Bespoke Crew to use as a lawful basis for processing this data. This freely proffered information may be used for MLC regulation compliance, essential invoicing and business undertakings.

Periodically, Bespoke Crew will post via email and other marketing strategies, updates on job listings and industry news, that we believe will enhance the success of our candidates. These candidates are clearly given the option to opt out/unsubscribe to these emails or by contacting

We use your personal data in order to deliver Bespoke Crew’s premium service and care, for our Candidates and Clients.

Also to:

*     Personally contact via email or phone to inform of acceptable/suitable positions.

*     To assist potential employers communicating after the acceptance of a CV

*     After consent only, mailers containing relevant positions and industry news

*     For the purpose of analysis, activity and records.

*     As the industry is international, records/data will be sent if necessary outside the EEA to enhance job discoverability.

Bespoke Crew’s approach to providing a premium quality service is to literally bespoke our Candidates and Clients together, but in order to do so we feel there is a legitimate interest to store contact details and emails.

What we collect from Clients and Candidates

To maintain our quality service, Bespoke Crew will collect personal information such as:

  • Phone numbers
  • Date of Birth’s
  • Curriculum Vitae’s (CV’s)

These will be acquired via our website or through one of our Recruitment Consultants or Industry job board. This data will be stored securely on a CRM and will only be accessed by Bespoke Crew Employees.

Storing data

To maintain a comprehensive database, we hold personal information indefinitely or as long as there is a statutory minimum to do so.

But we stress that the Client or Candidate upon request, holds the right at all times to have their data deleted from our records.

As the data we hold belongs to our clients and candidates they hold full rights of access to their data at all times. Any inaccuracies within that information will be changed upon request.

Please submit in writing to:

Bespoke Crew

The Old Bakery, Tiptoe Road, New Milton Hants. BH23 5SJ


All Data is held within a data center in the EEA. All breaches of data are reported immediately.

Bespoke Crew ensure and guarantee that your information/data is secure, as do our database providers, website and cloud hosting companies.

  • A huge shoutout to Claire from the Bespoke Crew Recruitment team for assisting me in landing my dream job !! A huge thank you for continuously checking in on me and for having such a high drive for work ethic. Great communication skills and professionalism as well. I highly recommend Bespoke Crew and specifically Claire for any yachties new or old to the industry

    Chane van Rooysen - Stewardess

    Bespoke Crew
  • Bespoke has been a pleasure to work with over the last few years. I am happy to say that I have had great experiences getting qualified and well-vetted crew from Bespoke. Look forward to a long relationship together.

    Todd Packham - Captain

    Bespoke Crew
  • Bespoke crew provide an excellent recruitment service. The team have a very thorough vetting process for all candidates, ensuring they understand all the requirements for the role and providing only the most suitable and professional candidates, including our current chief stewardess! I would highly recommend bespoke to anyone looking for guidance and assistance with their recruitment needs.

    Matt Degotardi - Captain

    Bespoke Crew
  • Thank you for your excellent service and professional manner of doing business. In total, for both positions we were seeking candidates for, you sent three candidates and all three were spot on.

    Peter van Houweninge - Captain

    Bespoke Crew
  • Sophie from Bespoke Crew Recruitment was very helpful in finding the perfect position for me. She is friendly and keeps in touch regularly and always keeps you updated on what is happening. I would highly recommend her!

    Ursula Rooms - Spa Stewardess

    Bespoke Crew
  • Bespoke have been a pleasure to work with and has a broad network of competent and top-quality crew. They have been flexible and accommodating to all our requests, easy to work with, and provide good follow-up / after-sale support. I highly recommend them for your crewing and recruitment needs.

    Ben Whitehead - Captain

    Bespoke Crew
  • Thank you for your thorough vetting on our behalf. I was truly impressed with the service. I’ll definitely be reaching out to Bespoke Crew in the future.

    John Penman - Captain

    Bespoke Crew
  • “The candidates you have sent have been the most appropriate for what I have been looking for, so I really appreciate your thorough consideration with who you have sent through. We will be in touch in the future.”

    Megan Anderson - Chief Stewardess

    Bespoke Crew
  • Sophie has been so incredibly amazing through the whole process, she has sent me over such great girls

    Brielle Crumpler - Chief Stewardess

    Bespoke Crew
  • ‘Bespoke crew has placed two crew members with us this year. A truly bespoke and professional service, that stands out amongst the rest. I would recommend to anyone looking for new crew.’

    Tim Rowland - Captain

    Bespoke Crew