Privacy policy

Bespoke Crew Yacht Recruitment Agency will use exclusively your personal information to manage your account and to provide the service you have requested of us. Although when suitable jobs become available outside the EEA (European Economic Area) we will provide your data for consideration.

Bespoke Crew take your privacy seriously, and therefore are committed to the protection of your personal data in line with the current (GDPR) EU General Data Protection Regulation and Data Protection Act 1998.

Data Administration

When a Candidate or Client provides Bespoke Crew with their personal information in order to register or enquire, we then become the Data Controller of that information.

Bespoke Crew Contact details:

The Old Bakery, Tiptoe Road, New Milton, Hampshire BH25 5SJ



+44 7742061090

Approved ways in which we process data

We at Bespoke Crew believe that when candidates freely submit private data for registration and the posting of CV’s to identify employment, these submissions, form legitimate interests for Bespoke Crew to use as a lawful basis for processing this data. This freely proffered information may be used for MLC regulation compliance, essential invoicing and business undertakings.

Periodically, Bespoke Crew will post via email and other marketing strategies, updates on job listings and industry news, that we believe will enhance the success of our candidates. These candidates are clearly given the option to opt out/unsubscribe to these emails or by contacting

We use your personal data in order to deliver Bespoke Crew’s premium service and care, for our Candidates and Clients.

Also to:

*     Personally contact via email or phone to inform of acceptable/suitable positions.

*     To assist potential employers communicating after the acceptance of a CV

*     After consent only, mailers containing relevant positions and industry news

*     For the purpose of analysis, activity and records.

*     As the industry is international, records/data will be sent if necessary outside the EEA to enhance job discoverability.

Bespoke Crew’s approach to providing a premium quality service is to literally bespoke our Candidates and Clients together, but in order to do so we feel there is a legitimate interest to store contact details and emails.

What we collect from Clients and Candidates

To maintain our quality service, Bespoke Crew will collect personal information such as:

  • Phone numbers
  • Date of Birth’s
  • Curriculum Vitae’s (CV’s)

These will be acquired via our website or through one of our Recruitment Consultants or Industry job board. This data will be stored securely on a CRM and will only be accessed by Bespoke Crew Employees.

Storing data

To maintain a comprehensive database, we hold personal information indefinitely or as long as there is a statutory minimum to do so.

But we stress that the Client or Candidate upon request, holds the right at all times to have their data deleted from our records.

As the data we hold belongs to our clients and candidates they hold full rights of access to their data at all times. Any inaccuracies within that information will be changed upon request.

Please submit in writing to:

Bespoke Crew

The Old Bakery, Tiptoe Road, New Milton Hants. BH23 5SJ


All Data is held within a data center in the EEA. All breaches of data are reported immediately.

Bespoke Crew ensure and guarantee that your information/data is secure, as do our database providers, website and cloud hosting companies.

  • 100% recommend this agency, they helped me get my second job in this industry. They are really helpful and do everything they can to secure you a job. Thank you Claire

    Verity Bulcok - Stew/ Masseuse

    Bespoke Crew
  • I just received my first stewardess job using Bespoke Crew, and Claire was very helpful always stayed in contact with me even after I got the job, making sure I had a safe flight, and if I needed help with anything, I was so grateful for the help and support Claire gave to me.

    Georgia Lingwood - Stewardess

    Bespoke Crew
  • Zoe shortlisted three candidates for me, and I interviewed two. Both were the right fit for the boat and exactly what I had asked of her. One of them resulted in employment, and I couldn’t be happier. I would definitely return to Zoe with any further interior recruitment requests, and I am confident she will find another good fit for our team. Thank you to Bespoke!

    Abbie Merritt - Chief Stewardess

    Bespoke Crew
  • "Bespoke crew have helped me throughout my yachting career, and on both successful occasions, I have felt like they truly believe in me when putting me forward for the desired roles. Claire most recently helped me secure a role that I love. There was constant communication, and I felt very supported throughout and after the recruitment process. I highly recommend Bespoke Crew to any candidate looking for their next adventure.”

    Harriet Pugson - Head Of Service

    Bespoke Crew
  • As always, the Bespoke team was an absolute pleasure to work with. Only sending forward candidates that match your criteria makes the hiring process fast and smooth. Thank you again for finding us a great candidate who is the ideal fit for our team and owner. Bespoke is, for sure, the only agent I would use for any future hiring.

    Emma Cottrell – Chief Stewardess.

    Bespoke Crew
  • When you work with Bespoke Crew, you get the same high standards associated with yachting. Their industry knowledge, attention to detail for each of their candidate profiles, and their drive to find the best is what yachts need in a recruitment agency.

    Nick Calligeros - Chief Officer

    Bespoke Crew
  • I have worked with Bespoke Crew for a few years now, from her helping me find positions to helping me fill them. The agents take time to really understand our needs and only send the best candidates forward. They send detailed profiles from their conversations with the crew, which really helps us to get an understanding of the candidate beforehand. They are not a typical agency who puts crew forward and forgets, they still keep in contact and follow up to check both parties are happy with the overall performance and if we have any concerns. Fantastic service all around; I would highly recommend using the Bespoke Crew. Thank you for everything

    Danielle Hemming - Chief Stewardess

    Bespoke Crew
  • Bespoke Crew's team exhibited an impressive understanding of the yachting industry and a genuine dedication to finding the perfect match for candidates and employers. Their attention to detail, personalized approach, and unwavering support throughout the recruitment process were nothing short of outstanding. Bespoke Crew Yachting Recruitment is for anyone seeking a professional, reliable, and personalized recruitment experience within the yachting industry.

    Benjamin Le Marechal - Head Chef

    Bespoke Crew
  • The team at Bespoke has always gone above and beyond to ensure each candidate presented to us not only fills the position but also aligns with our yacht's specific culture and ethos. They constantly demonstrate their passion for the industry and extensive knowledge of their own experiences, and I am always impressed with their unique, professional, yet personalized approach.

    Georgia Barber - Chief Stewardess

    Bespoke Crew
  • I first spoke to Jacob from Bespoke Crew in my first few weeks of dock walking near Antibes. The first call was extremely helpful; and he took an interest in my own background, qualifications, and experience. We then discussed the position I applied for in great detail. I am now secure in that role we discussed and after five months in I couldn't be happier with the yacht I am on, and the crew I am with.

    James Lashmar - PT/ Deckhand

    Bespoke Crew
  • It has been a great experience dealing with Bespoke. Excellent communication and a fast turnaround from the initial discussion to being placed on the yacht I am on now.

    Euan Ratley - Deckhand

    Bespoke Crew
  • It was great dealing with Jacob, one of the better agencies out there!

    Tom Riley - AVIT

    Bespoke Crew
  • Claire provided such amazing support when looking for a new role. She really took the time to listen to both my previous experience and what I was looking for in the future to find the ideal position. Claire’s help enabled me to make the transition from Lead Service to Chief Stewardess. I’d absolutely recommend Bespoke Crew to anyone in the industry.

    Bonnie Mitchell – Chief Stewardess

    Bespoke Crew
  • After working closely with Bespoke Crew over the past 3 Seasons for permanent and temporary crew placement, they have become our go-to agent for crew. We have been highly satisfied with Bespoke’s high caliber of service, which has been very professional yet personable. We have found they genuinely listen to and understand the requirements expressed for the crew sought and deliver only highly suitable candidates that meet the specific experience level, necessary skillset, and personal demeanor desired.

    Brianna Stenhouse - Chief Stewardess

    Bespoke Crew
  • I had a fantastic experience working with Frankie. She found my CV, reached out to me, and I was successful in landing the first role she presented me with, which she ensured met my needs. She is communicative, friendly, and professional; most importantly, in a recruiter-candidate relationship, she comes across as very honest. When I am ready for my next opportunity, and if I take on any recruitment on board, I know who to call. I look forward to working with Frankie again.

    Helena Sanguinetti - Purser

    Bespoke Crew
  • I had a great experience with Claire from Bespoke Crew! She’s super helpful, always checks-in, and answers all of my questions. She helped me land my new role on an amazing yacht with great opportunities. I’m so happy for all of the support, I would love to work together with her again in the future! Would really recommend Bespoke Crew.

    Linn Sundqvist - Stewardess

    Bespoke Crew
  • I had the luck to have Claire contact me from Bespoke Crew Recruitment. As a greenie, I heard it would be hard starting in the industry, and only on my second day of searching for a job, Claire told me about me three amazing options. One of the yachts got in contact with me, and the next day and everything fell into place. She takes time to get to know you and find the job that would make you happy on all terms. Thank you, Claire, for sticking by me the trust I have in you is immense.

    Zoé Meeuwens - Stewardess

    Bespoke Crew
  • This is the first crew agent where we feel listened to and not just sent 10+ candidates that vaguely fit our requirements and with the candidates that we hire through Bespoke Crew we always get great longevity. We have complete faith and trust in the Bespoke Crew team, so much so that they are the only crew agent we work with.

    Ruben Mejier - Chief Officer

    Bespoke Crew
  • I have been using Bespoke Crew for the past few years. They have done a wonderful job and have presented me with first class crew to choose from and have not inundated me with an inbox full of candidates. The backup and follow up also has been exceptional. I highly recommend Bespoke and their staff as an excellent choice for crew placement.

    Scott Miller - Captain

    Bespoke Crew
  • It was such a pleasure working with Bespoke Crew! Thank you, Claire, for your swift responses and for providing us with good quality crew that fits our specific requirements in a short time frame! I look forward to working with them in the future.

    Tina Floegal - Chief Stewardess

    Bespoke Crew
  • I wouldn’t work with any other crew agent. The team at Bespoke Crew listens to exactly what we require in a candidate and delivers solid, carefully selected, and well-vetted crew. The team has placed multiple candidates across the interior, deck, engineering, and galley. Their excellent communication and high level of professionalism, it makes them a joy to work with.

    Savannah Squire - Chief Stewardess

    Bespoke Crew
  • I was first introduced to Bespoke Crew when I was personally called for a reference check. As we know, the industry is small, and we are all somehow connected by social interaction. Checking references, especially verbal references, is of utmost importance when trying to find that “perfect fit” for your yacht. I immediately knew that the friendly, trusted voice on the end was doing their job diligently, trying to find that ‘perfect fit’ for another Captain, and I respected that. We have worked closely with Bespoke Crew for nearly three years and have only positive feedback to contribute to their professional service. Most, if not all, the crew has served on a longevity basis, all of whom fit in very well with our crew dynamic. I can highly recommend Bespoke Crew for your crew placement needs.

    Aldon Beukman - Captain

    Bespoke Crew
  • Bespoke has hands down become my number 1 crew agency. The agents I have worked with have all been extremely responsive and friendly and have made a real effort to build a relationship with you. They truly understand what you are looking for and never try to 'throw anything out there.' With my crazy schedule, they are good about chasing me up when need be and never letting anything fall by the wayside. There is always open, honest transparency, and I appreciate that so much. It is a big relief that there is such a consistent, all-star crew agency out there

    Brielle Crumpler - Chief Stewardess

    Bespoke Crew
  • It’s been a pleasure dealing with the Bespoke Crew team ….thank you for discovering the right individuals for our program. We greatly appreciate the care is taken when introducing quality candidates to us and the effort to ensure a good long-term fit.

    Len Beck - Captain

    Bespoke Crew
  • Bespoke Crew and their team have been a great help in finding the right people for our Island. Even though land-based and a very remote location, Frankie was able to forward excellent candidates competent for the roles. Bespoke Crew is very responsive, responsible, and highly reliable. They stand behind their candidates 100%. Excellent background checks and written and verbal references were provided. A great database of staff. Highly recommended!

    Ana White - General Manager - Private Island in the Caribbean

    Bespoke Crew
  • We are the managers in charge of a 25M sailing yacht and used Bespoke Crew to employ a new captain. Frankie at Bespoke crew was excellent. She acted quickly, provided regular updates, and produced an excellent list of highly qualified candidates. We placed the captain and would highly recommend her and Bespoke Crew.

    Tom Benson - Director - Seymour Yachts

    Bespoke Crew
  • I am very impressed with how quickly I was put in touch with a highly suitable candidate through Bespoke Crew. The whole process was professional, extremely quick and efficient. I look forward to using Bespoke Crew in the future.

    Doug Pender - Captain

    Bespoke Crew
  • The best crew agency I’ve been in contact with. I can’t thank Frankie enough for landing me such an unreal job!

    James Gordon - Deckhand

    Bespoke Crew
  • Professional and timely crew services delivered with a smile. Thank you Bespoke Crew for helping me find the right job.

    Heinz Schneider-Waterberg - Bosun

    Bespoke Crew
  • Claire from Bespoke crew was amazing every step of the way when placing me on my next yacht. Attentive, empathetic, and supportive, I couldn't have asked for anyone better. She went the extra mile in calling me out of her work hours to check-in too! I can't recommend her enough. Thank you so much Claire

    Harriet Simmonds - Stewardess

    Bespoke Crew