MLC Candidate Guidance

The following agreement has been produced for guidance, advice and potential employment protection. The draft Seafarers Employment Agreement (SEA) contains essential information for Crew, click here to learn more about SEA.

It encompasses as far as possible the yachts obligations to you under MLC 2006. It is a good example, as there is not a standard, SEA.

SEA’s are required to comply with current applicable national laws and regulations and should include any Collective Bargaining Agreement that may apply to them.  Together they should not be less favorable than the minimum standards of MLC.

MLC gives the Candidate the right of sufficient time to study the content before and after signing an SEA with the Client. You should also receive a copy of the document.

General advice

Further general advice is recorded below and is recommended that you satisfy yourself of these items at or subsequent to the interview/s.

  • You should be sure that all sections of the SEA are completed and acceptable to you.
  • Where a yacht does not need to comply with MLC or flies the flag of a country which has not ratified MLC you should ensure you are happy with the SEA offered.  Click here to see flag states that have currently ratified MLC 2006.
  • Bespoke Crew will make sure, as far as practicable, that the Client is financially able to fulfil his obligations to you, you should try to determine that you are similarly satisfied.
  • That you have adequate personal insurance cover provided for you by the Client during the period of your employment.  If that is not available and you still wish to accept employment, Bespoke Crew can identify for you recognized industry provider/s from whom you can purchase such insurance.  However, Bespoke Crew do not make recommendations of service providers and do not accept any default of their services to you.

You should not be subject to exploitation by Bespoke Crew or its Clients.  Therefore:

  • Bespoke Crew will not charge candidates any direct or ‘hidden’ costs before, during or after, the process of registration through to placement.
  • Bespoke Crew will assist next of kin or concerned family members with any help, advice or guidance. But for the protection of personal details of Crewmember, will firstly obtain wherever possible, the permissions of said Crewmember and to verify genuine relationship credibility. Therefore, Candidates will be required to maintain up to date records of their own personal contact details, for use by Bespoke Crew.
  • It is illegal to engage a person less than 16 years of age on a yacht, or 18 years of age as a Chef.  Bespoke Crew will not therefore nominate such individuals to our Clients.
  • Should you have any complaint or grievance, whilst employed on a yacht, following placement by Bespoke Crew, you are guided to follow the complaints procedure outlined onboard. At any time you can contact the MCA, either on  or postal address: 105 Commercial Rd, Southampton, SO15 1EG

Should you have a complaint or grievance concerning the conduct of Bespoke Crew services during the employment process please follow the complaints procedure below.

  • Complaints should normally be made within 14 days of an incident or of the matter coming to the Client or seafarer’s attention. This time limit can be extended provided good reasons are supplied for not making the complaint sooner.  The company will aim to respond to any complaint within a further 14 days.
  • Clients and seafarers can make a complaint verbally, in writing, or by email please see all our details on our contact us page
  • If a Client or seafarer makes a complaint verbally, a record of that complaint will be made, and the Client or seafarer will be provided with a written copy. If this remains unresolved, we will bring it to the attention of the appropriate representative of the flag state.
  • Bespoke Crew will provide details of our emergency contact details on the ‘Contact Us’ page of our website – specifically our contact numbers.
  • Bespoke Crew will prohibit the use of means, mechanisms or blacklists intended to prevent or deter qualified seafarers from gaining employment.
  • Bespoke Crew does not discriminate and welcomes applications from all individuals.

Bespoke Crew, are contracted to provide suitably qualified individuals to our Clients. In signing (‘ticking’) this document, you are guaranteeing that the information you provide to us is always authentic and an accurate representation of your experience, training, qualifications and marine medical status.  

You also agree to keep us updated with any renewal or updated certification and marine medical compliance.  

If engaged, you will also need to provide your employer or their representatives with your full qualifications, certificates of training and medical documents, together with any other paperwork they may reasonably request

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    Bespoke Crew
  • “Bespoke has always been one of my favorite agents to deal with, they have placed me before and always had my interests at heart during the process. In turn, they have always filled my openings in the interior team, I turn to them every time. They always check in on me, and I would definitely trust them to place me again in the future”

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  • “Bespoke crew recruitment helped me secure a fantastic role on a yacht! If I am ever in the market again, I know I will be contacting them. Very personable and professional. I really appreciated the effort you put in to ensure I was comfortable in my new position. Thank you”

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